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本文摘要:Toshiba created a very realistic looking android named Junko Chihira to work in a new tourist information center in Japan.东芝公司建构了一款被称作Junko Chihira的建模版智能机器人,这款机器人在日本原设的一家旅游信息中心工作。

Toshiba created a very realistic looking android named Junko Chihira to work in a new tourist information center in Japan.东芝公司建构了一款被称作Junko Chihira的建模版智能机器人,这款机器人在日本原设的一家旅游信息中心工作。The bot can speak Japanese, Chinese, and English and made her debut a few weeks ago in Aqua City Odaiba, a shopping center on Tokyos waterfront, according to a press release. Currently, Junko Chihira is greeting visitors as they walk in, but in December, the android will be able to provide tourists with information on events occurring in the area.据新闻报道,这款机器人不会说道日语、中文和英语三门语言,几周前她在东京台场的购物中心首次亮相。

最近,Junko Chihira 正在展开迎宾服务,到今年12月份,她将需要为游客获取再次发生在这一地区的各种信息。Junko Chihira is the successor to another Toshiba android named Aiko Chihira, who served as a receptionist in a department store in Japan in April. Aiki Chihira was created using technology developed by Hiroshi Ishiguro, a robotics researcher at Osaka University in Suita, Japan, according to a YouTube video.Junko Chihira是东芝另一款取名为Aiko Chihira的机器人的先前产品,后者从今年四月份开始在日本的一家百货公司里做到前台招待人员。

YouTube 视频报导称之为,Aiko Chihira是由日本大阪大学的机器人专家Hiroshi Ishiguro研发的。Like Aiki Chihira, Junko Chihira can so far only respond with scripted, pre-set speech. But Junko Chihira will gain speech recognition capabilities by 2017 so that it can respond to tourists questions.像Aiki Chihira一样,Junko Chihira 目前仅有能按照预先原作的台词脚本说出。

但等到2017年,Junko Chihira 将加添语言识别能力,从而可以对游客明确提出的问题展开回应。Additionally, Junko Chihira can speak one more language than its predecessor — Chinese, according to the Japan Times.此外,据日本时报报导,相比之前的机器人,Junko Chihira还不会谈中文。Not only is Junko Chihira designed to look like a human, but was given qualities to make it more realistic. The press release notes that the android, which stands at 5 feet and 5 inches, is 26 with a June 1 birthday.Junko Chihira 不仅看上去像人类,而且被彰显了许多特性,这让她更为现实。报导称之为,Junko Chihira有5英尺5英寸低,6月1日是她的生日,现在早已26岁了。

Toshiba plans on releasing more android robots in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to help assist tourists, the press release adds.报导补足道,东芝公司还计划为2020年东京奥运会制作更好的机器人来协助游客。Japan has been increasingly turning to robotics in preparation for the Olympics. Robotic bulldozers led by drones are helping with construction for the Olympics due to a labor shortage in Japan.日本早已更加多地依赖机器人为奥运会做到打算。

由于日本劳动力紧缺,无人机指导下的机器人推土机正在参予奥运会的建设。An android robot is also be used as the lead in a new Japanese movie.一款智能机器人在一部将要公映的日本电影中兼任主角。




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